This is a natural wood product that, by its nature, will wear over time. Knife marks should be expected with use. When using your board, try to slightly distribute your cutting throughout the work surface so that it will wear evenly. 


Our warranty covers any severe warping, splitting, or cracking which can typically be avoided with proper care. See our maintenance tab for instructions.


If your board is properly maintained and you have any of these issues, we will gladly replace it for up to 30 days after purchase. Please email us at info@chopcombo.com. 

Limited Warranty on mounting: This product must be used according to instructions and disclaimers provided on this website.  No other warranties, either expressed or implied, are given or made.  In no event will Chop Combo’s entire liability exceed the purchase price of this product



This product comes with industrial-strength adhesive mounting tape as the primary mounting option. If this is not ideal for your application, it is at the customers' discretion and responsibility to ensure the knife holder has been safely and securely mounted in place before use.    


* Not for use on wallpaper or other non-stick surfaces

* Entire surface must be flat, dry, and free of dirt and oil

* Mounting tape must make full contact to the mounting surface

* May not work on all backsplash tile types especially if rough and uneven

* This is a permanent mounting solution and may cause damage or residue if removed

* If you move and need another Chop Combo, we offer a 25% discount for return customers. 

  Email us at info@chopcombo.com for a 'return customer' discount code.