Caring for your cutting board


There are many great wood conditioning products on the market that come in the form of finishes, soaps, oils, and waxes.  The most important requirement is that they are labeled as “food-grade” and “all-natural.” 

“Food Grade Mineral Oil” should be the primary ingredient in any product you choose. The goal is to keep your board sanitized and moisturized at all times.

Treat your cutting board with mineral oil after every use and allow the oil to fully penetrate through the wood fibers.    

When using your board, try to slightly distribute your cutting throughout the work surface so that it will wear evenly.

Do not leave your board in water, or allow any liquids to sit on the surface as it will soak in and dry out the wood. 

If your board starts to feel rough you can wet sand the surface using a small piece of Ultra Fine 220 grit sand paper and mineral oil. Make sure to wipe the board clean before using.