Setup Instructions 


NOTE: This product comes with industrial-strength adhesive tape as the primary mounting option. If this is not ideal for your application, it is the customers' responsibility to ensure the knife holder has been safely and securely mounted in place before use.        

Step 1: Thoroughly clean your mounting surface with an alcohol-based cleaner and allow time to dry. Ensure no grease or dirt is left behind. 


Step 2: Remove the knife holder that is temporarily secured in place on the cutting board. Flip it over so that the logo is facing up in the vertical position then place the holder on the board so that the magnets are connected. 

Step 3: Peel off the adhesive strip covers then slide the Combo to the wall ensuring that the knife holder is straight on the cutting board. Push the exposed tape to the wall and apply firm, consistent pressure, then remove the cutting board.

Step 4: Double-check that the knife holder is mounted securely! Once confirmed - add knives, and slide the cutting board into place