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Frequently asked questions

How do I set up my Chop Combo?

For detailed instructions on how to setup your Chop Combo see the demo video on the main page or the "How To" tab on this website.

The board doesn't seem to have a good connection to the knife holder?

It is possible that the knife holder is not mounted at the correct height. When the cutting board is sitting on a flat horizontal surface (typically your countertop), the knife holder must be securely mounted to where the magnets are aligned between the cutting board and knife holder.

What if the knife holder doesn't work with my backsplash?

This product comes with industrial strength double-sided tape as the primary mounting option. If this is not ideal for your application, it is the customers responsibility to ensure the knife holder has been safely and securely mounted in place before use.

Does it matter how I put my knives on the knife holder?

YES - It is important to add your knives with the handles up to avoid contact with the blades of your knives when you reach for the cutting board.

We are moving and I don't want to leave my Chop Combo behind

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